National Security, both abroad and within our borders, continues to be a tremendous responsibility for Federal agencies and officials. For years, Potomac Strategic Development (“PSD”) has integrated government and industry resources for the development of more efficient, technically-advanced, and robust systems to protect our borders, the U.S. War Fighter and First Responders. We provide access to key officials in Congress, the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and related agencies to develop new and improved capabilities through procurement and research and development in: materiel; communications; healthcare delivery; weapons systems; program accountability; biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Federal, state, and local agencies are constantly seeking the newest methods and technologies for their operations. PSD’s network of officials, researchers, and policymakers brings to your organization the credentials and relationships needed for your company. When working with the Pentagon or Homeland Security, you must have complete command of the Defense authorization and appropriations process, as well as first-hand knowledge of agency complexities. Our agency and industry relationships have a profound effect on client success. To us, Defense and Homeland Security are not just about business, they are essential to protecting our way of life.

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