Both the private and public healthcare sectors are under extreme pressure. Health insurance premiums are rising at double-digit rates, prescription drug costs are skyrocketing, and cost control measures intended to save the healthcare system have failed. Bringing new products to market involves a long and arduous approval process, adding costs and slowing patient availability. Government programs are facing major changes with Medicare prescription drug legislation, including new private health plan structures, provider payment issues, and funding strains. Federal tax policy and state regulation of health insurance create market distortions, important factors contributing to the large number of Americans without health insurance coverage. It remains to be determined the range of effects that recent reforms in the health insurance sector will have on corporate America. Finally, bio-terrorism and other infrastructure threats have an impact on all healthcare sectors.

Potomac Strategic Development (“PSD”) will guide you through complex regulatory, reimbursement, financing, accreditation, and other public sector issues for hospitals and healthcare systems, managed care programs, physicians, and other healthcare providers. Our team also has a tremendous record of success in healthcare entrepreneurship by identifying suitable opportunities for partnerships with government. We have achieved significant success on issues relating to Medicare, Medicaid, healthcare research, biodefense, and other public healthcare matters.

PSD works closely with our healthcare clients, combining innovative approaches with a thorough understanding of government programs, policies, and processes. We are dedicated to finding solutions for leaders on the cutting edge of the healthcare marketplace, and those who simply want to provide better quality healthcare.

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