The face of the country's demographics have shifted and corporate America wants to partner and work with these vital multicultural markets. Potomac Strategic Development (“PSD”) is on the cutting edge of tapping the country's emerging marketplace with specialized expertise, knowledge and insight into the Latino and Asian communities and their world of news and information. We believe that key to reaching these markets successfully is to do so with culturally appropriate messages and vehicles. It's not good enough or influential enough to simply translate existing collateral or promotional materials and hope these materials will generate interest.

PSD’s partners Christina Sanchez and Robert Alaniz offer senior counsel and expertise to clients who need assistance in reaching and influencing Latino communities. Together they have worked on behalf of numerous clients wishing to reach this specialized market. As a former Univision Television executive, Christina designed, orchestrated and oversaw numerous successful media partnerships and client promotions with the nation's largest Spanish language television network. While working on behalf of some of the world's largest public relations firms, Robert has worked with numerous clients to reach the growing and influential Latino market.

In addition, Michael Chee is PSD’s partner with expertise in reaching Chinese, Korean and Asian-Pacific Islander communities through community and media related strategies.

Together, our partners provide counsel to individuals and organizations needing communications knowledge and finesse to reach distinct and target audiences. Our high-level and exclusive combination of public and government affairs, media know-how and ethnic market insight offer a consulting resource that is rare in today's communications marketplace.

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