Successful executives understand that the only constant factor in business is change. Businesses cannot grow without strategic development in new markets or strategic expansion in existing markets. The effective use of information, reputation, and key relationships provides a blueprint for growth.

The U.S. Gross Domestic Product is over $14 trillion. What emerging market is a good fit for your company’s activities? How can you stay ahead of your competitors? With a budget of $3.552 trillion in FY 2010, the U.S. Federal Government is the Fortune One Company and a good source for growth opportunities. Potomac Strategic Development (“PSD”) creates new opportunities and offer creative direction with Federal contracting options for your company. We will also set you apart from your competitors in government relations and contracting markets.

PSD does not just work with our customers on the phone or from behind a desk, it becomes an integral part of your team with on-site visits and personal collaboration to ensure goals are clear and communication is solid. Growth strategies are developed through the enlistment and collaboration of industry experts in a myriad of industry areas. PSD’s team has a formidable record of successful precedents in government funding and procurement in areas such as technology, energy, infrastructure, defense, research, and travel.

For an organization considering an international presence, the PSD team develops comprehensive strategies to assist in expansion. We build upon relationships with public officials and private sector organizations to resolve issues and create funding opportunities for our clients.

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