The United States is in the midst of ongoing energy challenges, water shortages and deteriorating infrastructure. These issues have weakened our domestic political and economic situation, and threaten our very position as the leader of the Free World.

For example, the National Energy Report of 2001 – although nearly a decade old, it still holds true – states, “A fundamental imbalance between supply and demand defines our energy crisis. The imbalance, if allowed to continue, will inevitably undermine our economy, our standard of living and our national security." Increased worldwide demand, coupled with diminished production, clearly proclaims the days of cheap energy are gone.

Potomac Strategic Development (“PSD’) can identify funding sources and other advantageous circumstances to promote infrastructure projects, water solutions and energy-efficient technologies. PSD identifies aggressive strategies to cultivate strategic partners among the Federal, state and local entities, associations, education and non-profit institutions, and through business-to-business activities. Communities and associations must also cope with the changing environment in order to address their budgetary needs. This is why PSD is committed to helping these organizations identify favorable environments for funding. We can also promote their message on a public forum, whether to change the law or the public’s perception.

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