With over 95% of the world’s consumers and 75% of world purchasing power found outside of the United States, businesses focused on growth need to explore export opportunities. Less than one percent of American companies export. But those that do grow their sales faster, create more jobs and are better able to navigate economic downturns than those that don’t.

Potomac Strategic Development (“PSD”) is able to identify those foreign markets most receptive to the goods and services you offer. We can help you understand how free trade agreements, both those in effect and others being negotiated, could impact your venture. PSD knows how to locate local business partners. If your enterprise requires the establishment of an overseas office or production facility, we can assist you with pinpointing and pursuing economic incentives. Should your export enterprise encounter regulatory challenges, PSD will develop and implement a sophisticated advocacy effort to protect your business. We are your partners for seizing opportunities for export-driven growth.

The State Department is only one of nearly two dozen federal department or agencies with some sort of jurisdiction or program affecting international policy or programs. Virtually every other federal Department has an international component, including Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services, and a myriad of others. With a growing international market and with 196 countries around the globe, that’s a lot of opportunity – and even more potential regulations to navigate.

With an estimated 7.3 billion people around the globe – and an estimated international Gross World Product (each country’s GDP) of $120 trillion in 2016 – international trade and sales must be a part of any company’s short- mid- and long-term growth strategy. Potomac Strategic Development works with international coalitions, trade associations, and directly with companies and countries to establish relationships or to boost sales for its clients.

There are hundreds of organizations promoting goodwill and social services to people in need around the globe. Each non profit has a story to tell and strengths, but how can you compete with those other hundreds for the resources to enhance your giving and reach? Potomac Strategic works with some of the best-known and effective international organizations in the World. Our professionals are dedicated to social change and improving the lives of others in the United States and in every continent. For nearly two decades we have identified opportunities and growth plans for our clients to reach the people in most need.

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