With both a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Education, Dr. Matthew Wentzel maintains a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the fields of education and behavioral health. His experience working with clients from higher education to satellite communications allows him to bring fresh ideas, new approaches, and first-hand knowledge in moving a client's agenda forward.

Dr. Wentzel obtained both policy and political experience working in the Clinton White House and managed numerous Virginia regional volunteer efforts for Barack Obama for President. He has a strong political acumen, passion, and commitment to education and health issues, and is especially skilled in hearing what others want, devising a strategic plan, and creating win-win situations. Dr. Wentzel has the ability to take complicated issues and communicate them in a simple and straightforward manner, handling difficult relationships and conflict situations with great tact and diplomacy.

With organizations, Dr. Wentzel has expertise in working with the private sector, non-profits and federal agencies in building strategic partnerships. He currently works with clients to cultivate relationships between Congress, federal agencies, and small and large companies in order to create new, innovative revenue streams. He helps clients create effective, long-term programs by bringing together local, federal, for-profit and non-profit resources. Matthew continues to bolster his clients' ability to effectively create new business relationships and establish tactical partnerships.

With individuals, Dr. Wentzel integrates his experience in executive and behavioral coaching as he engages clients to achieve optimal functioning in their personal and professional lives. He partners with clients to help them examine their current relationships, evaluate their current performance, and design a strategic action plan, identifying both short and long term goals. He works with clients in strengthening decision-making and restructuring their personal and professional life in order to improve effective leadership. He maintains in-depth knowledge of individual cognitions, behaviors, and emotions, which allow Dr. Wentzel to engage in change-oriented, and growth-oriented coaching. He partners with clients in sharpening their performance and improving the client's ability to perceive, understand, and alter behaviors that impact task execution.

Matthew earned his Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia, and has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology. He completed his dissertation research on the Neurobiology of Resilience and Psychopathology following Interpersonal Trauma. Matthew currently serves as an adjunct professor at George Mason University. Dr. Wentzel lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and three children.
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