As an international business professional, Michael has been instrumental in the development of several startup companies in varying regions and sectors such as international strategic marketing in the US, disaster recovery in the Caribbean and construction in the Middle East. Following the Haiti Earthquake, Mr. Wyrick helped establish the largest debris recovery company in the island nation. The Haiti Recovery Group (HRG) conducted some of the largest demolition and debris removal operations on contracts funded by USAID, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Haitian Government. Michael served as the company’s Vice President of Business Development and official spokesman often cited in Haitian newspapers, and other publications such as BBC.com and Rolling Stone magazine. Additionally, he assisted in the establishment of a construction company in Qatar and led its business development efforts.

Michael co-founded and served for five years as CEO of Tri-Eagle International, an international strategic marketing firm representing business interests such as aerospace/defense, transportation, infrastructure and energy. Tri-Eagle has provided US manufactured military aircraft spares to the Turkish Air Force, consulted on a USAID water supply contract in Northern Iraq, developed and implemented lobbying strategy between a foreign consortium and General Motors in an effort to provide five billion USD worth of GM trucks to the Turkish Land Forces Command and introduced a technology to upgrade heavy oil to the Government of Kuwait.

Prior to the establishment of Tri-Eagle, Michael served in the Washington firm of U.S. Strategies Corporation as a legislative consultant. Michael has worked in corporate government relations for America Online, where he served as legislative liaison in the company’s public policy office. Michael served as an aide to U.S. Senator David Pryor and as a Legislative Assistant and foreign affairs advisor to U.S. Congressman Jay Dickey. Michael has lived in and/or traveled to over 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East/North Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. He has taught high school and presented historical lectures in the US, Europe and the Middle East. As a recipient of the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout Award, Michael at the age of eighteen, participated in and later led, an MIA search mission to recover the remains of World War II pilots lost on the jungle islands of the South Pacific. Michael is a proud member of the National Eagle Scout Association and The Explorers Club of New York City, where he serves as board member and membership director of its Washington Chapter. Michael received his BA in History, with an emphasis on the Modern Middle East, from the University of Arkansas, as well as studied Arabic in Yemen and Syria and German in Switzerland.
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